Pet Date

Pet Date

11th January 2020 0 By BiEx Editor

A Tinder for Pet Sales. Swipe you Like

Business Concept

Pets are popular but choosing one is an emotional business. Imagine the fun you could have with a pet date app that lets you search available pets and swipe the ones you like before meeting up.

A range of different revenue models possible including advertising revenue and sponsorship

Business Size / Potential:Large
Geographic SpreadGlobal
Startup Capital£500 – £5000
Business Review IncludedYes
Idea Rating3/5

BiEx Editor Review

The BiEx VERDICT ​​: A great idea. We really like this idea and think it has loads of potential. A quick look and we couldn’t find a similar product. Having said that, if it hasnt been done it soon will be.

Loads of potential but apps can be expensive. The app would need to look great and work well which is key to its success. It wont be a cheap startup. . Considering the potential, we see a social side to this which could form part of the business model. This could include re-homing of unwanted animals and make a real difference to the millions of unwanted pets in animal shelters around the world. How fantastic would that be.

We think this is great and thoroughly recommend investigating the potential

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