How to Choose a Great Business Name

How to Choose a Great Business Name

9th November 2018 0 By BiEx Editor

Naming your business is often one of the most stressful moments to begin. You want something that speaks volumes; clearly telling someone what you offer but standing out from the rest at the same time. Finding a great business name is a stage that business owners can spend hours, days, and even months agonising over to get it just right.

Sure, you could just opt for [Your Name] + [Type of Business/Service], but that’s a little bland, isn’t it? Vanilla names get vanilla customers—that’s if you manage to get any customers at all. You want to stand out with something quirky, showing your customers everything you stand for from the get-go.

Here are the top tips for choosing a business name with some examples to start with.

Brainstorm: No Idea Is Stupid

Start a brainstorming sessions. This can be on your own, with family, with friends, or with your other business partners. Sit down and just think of all the names you can come up with.

To get started, you’ll need to know what the company will offer, the mission statement, and your unique selling position in the market. This research takes some time to bring together, but it’s essential to get that great business name.

Just write down absolutely every name that someone comes up with. When it comes to brainstorming, no idea is too stupid. One name can lead to more creativity and more unique and powerful names. Just that one idea that is out of the box could become the name that tips you over the edge and spills out all the other ideas people have been holding back.

Word association is a good game to play when thinking about a business name. During the brainstorming session, shout out a word and get everyone to write the first thing they think of from that word. You’ll be surprised at the creativity that flows with this.

Choosing a Business Name: Process of Elimination

The next stage is your process of elimination. You want to take out the names that just don’t resonate at all or those that are just far too quirky or don’t fit your business. Then you can put another list of names that do resonate in another column.

Don’t forget to include other business partners in this. If you’re not sure on names, why not run them by friends or relatives? See what their reaction is. This can be a good way of checking on confusing phrases or unrealized innuendos quickly.
The process of elimination can take a few sessions to get through the whole list. You’ll want a list of around 10 great business names for the next stage.

Duplications: Check Other Businesses and Trademarks

One of the worst things you can do is get a business name that is exactly the same as someone else’s or is a trademarked phrase. Before you set up your company and your website, do a search for similar businesses and check that phrases or names haven’t been registered anywhere. Similarities will confuse customers and trademarks will lead to you legally needing to change your name.
Once your name is set up, you want it for life. Changing a name will confuse customers and you run the risk of losing them. Be happy and secure with your business name from the very beginning.

For trademarked phrases and names, you’ll need to check with TESS (that is the Trademark Electronic System Search). A Google search and Facebook search will help you find similar business names, especially in the local area.
Something to consider is to trademark your business name. This helps to put you in a powerful position of reducing the competition that decides to take liberties with your great business name.

Still Struggling: Business Name Generators

If you’re still struggling with choosing a business name, you can consider using a business name generator. There are a number of free options that as you to put a rough idea of what your business will be about. A string of words and phrases will be put together, giving you a list of ideas.

This is really just a way to get started; boosting creativity when you need it.

Ideas of Great Business Names

Now you have the steps to take for choosing a business name, it’s time to look at some ideas. These will hopefully help you get the ball rolling on the brainstorming sessions.

  • Deja Brew
  • Rare Beauty
  • Cloak & Dapper
  • Smoke & Swagger
  • Behind the Vows

You’ll be able to guess the types of businesses these names are in but they stand out and become memorable. Now it’s time for you to get to the drawing board to choose a great business name.

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