Simple Ideas that made MILLIONS


Hi All

I was chatting with some friends recently and we started talking about business ideas that were realy simple but ended up making millions.  We came up with a few below.  If you can think of any more, please share with our forum.,

  • The Post it note - 3M - £billions
  • The Fidget Spinner £100's million in total sales
  • The Smiley Face (the yellow one) $50m from licensing
  • The Upside down Bottle ( Think squeezy sources)  Rights sold in 1995 for $14m

Have any more , let us all know.



How about the Trunki !  It has made millions.  I saw one at the airport the other day it reminded me just how simple an idea it was.  I cant believe that nobody thought of it before.  It is an awesome but simple concept.  Clever guy!