BREXIT Business Opportunities


Anyone have any thoughts on Business opportunities arising from BREXIT ?

Whatever the outcome of Brexit, our relationship with Europe is likely to change and that must provide some great opportunities for new business.  I wonder whether certain products or services would be cheaper to provide directly from the uk or whether there would be opportunities to sell products and services to the EU if we are more competitive.

Im working through a few ideas currently but would welcome any thoughts or comments ?




No specific business ideas but a lot will depend on what happens to the £ v Euro.  Import export etc obviously depend on these factors and any long term business plan will need to have a clear picture of the rate or at least the trend.

The other factor  is tariffs as again this will either make things more or less expensive.

The above said, im sure that there will be business opportunities which are linked to these factors.

What about opportunities arising from a decrease in migrants i.e labour shortages in the manual worker sector ?



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Good discussion, looking forward to more contributions.  Just a quickie to let you know that we have recently released a BLOG article on BREXIT, it may be useful.   See our BLOG


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How about a Brexit De-tangling Consultancy

Very rough outline but you could establish a company providing advice and services to business on issues relating to our leaving.  For example, advice on import/export, changing employment rules, post brexit regulaion compliance etc etc.  The list is endless.  You could base it on an associates model with associates working on a freelance basis offering advice and services to companies around the uk.

What do you think ?


Hi Guest.

I had a look into your idea and there are some companies offering bexit services but not as comprehensively as you suggest.  I agree there is opportunity .  This is something i would welcome a further discussion on with a view to working together in that is of interest????.  PM me at