Block-Chain TRAIN

Block-Chain TRAIN

11th January 2020 0 By BiEx Editor

An interesting training company focused on Block Chain Technology 

Business Concept

The Blockchain (technology that underpins crypto-currencies) is believed to have a far wider range of applications than just crypto-currency. It is believed that the BLOCK-CHAIN will fundamentally alter the way the world records and transact value.

The technology is often referred to as being ‘revolutionary’ and will have implications for all public and private sector organisations.

The idea behind BlockChain Train is to establish a world class training agency, in from the start, and therefore with huge growth potential. Multiple business model opportunities.

Business Size / Potential:Medium – Large
Geographic SpreadGlobal
Startup Capital£500 – £5000
Business Review IncludedYes
Idea Rating3/5

BiEx Editor Review

The BiEx VERDICT ​​: We like this idea. We have see an increasing awareness and recognition of the Blockchain and its potentially revolutionary application.

We agree that this ‘revolutionary’ technology brings with it a host of opportunities, training being one. This is an idea in a which if executed well could be a very good business indeed. Check the competition.

We also see various opportunities allied with the training element. This will require specialism and the right team to develop and market the offer. This could however be started quickly on a lean basis by the right people i.e tech minded trainers with entrepreneurial ability or a small carefully establish team.

If done well, this idea could be create a great and potentially very large business! We say MOVE QUICKLY on this one, speed is the advantage

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