Bins OUT

Bins OUT

11th January 2020 0 By BiEx Editor

A great but simple idea, taking care of the Bins

Business Concept

Putting the Bins – OUT isn’t hard but it is a chore, one which many of us would pay for if there were a reliable service.

In addition to convenience, an ageing population will mean many more people needing assistance.

There is potential to establish a network of full or part time workers to operate ‘rounds’ . Possibly to be offered by reliable local retired individuals.

Further potential to increase the range of services and offer premium ONE OFF services for people going away or not around on Bin Day.

Business Size / Potential:Small  
Geographic SpreadUK Only
Startup Capital£500 – £2000
Business Review IncludedYes
Idea Rating3/5

BiEx Editor Review

The BiEx VERDICT ​​: Good but risky. We recognise that the problem exists and would happily pay a few pounds a week for this service. Good idea.

Our concern arises from the potential implications of missing customers or failing to deliver the service., Refuse is notoriously controversial and the service would need to be achieve 100% delivery or provide a backup in case bins were not put out.

Having said that, we also see the potential to create a network and develop a range of other associated service. Definitely worth considering.

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