11th January 2020 0 By BiEx Editor

Seen it, want it, buy it at – AS SEEN ON – An innovative market place for products featured on TV and Film. 

Business Concept

We all see things on TV, in films and in the Media generally that we love and would buy if we knew where it was from. As-Seen-ON is an idea to feature products that are seen on TV,film and in the general Media.

The concept is to base the business on an associate model whereby sellers can feature their products and tag them with the programme where the item or similar was featured. E.g. Jamie Oliver’s rustic garden table. Sellers can list their items tagged Jamie’s Rustic Garden Table or Nigella’s kitchen thingy.

Business Size / Potential:Massive
Geographic SpreadUK Only initially
Startup Capital£1,000 – £5000
Business Review IncludedYes
Idea Rating3/5

BiEx Editor Review

The BiEx VERDICT ​​: A very good Idea. We think we like this but have a few reservations. We are thinking an Etsy style marketplace which we know can be hugely profitable. There are numerous income opportunities including affiliate fees, sponsorship, product placement and advertising.

Our initial hesitation is around get the business to critical scale. This would require a lot of work but once reached in terms of products, affiliates and users, we can see it really taking off. It could be an awesome e-commerce site to rival the others.

Lots of potential but be cautious. Other people have tried similar ideas and failed. Ensure a very thorough assessment of the startup costs and develop a detailed business plan being clear about how startup costs can be met and sustained in the early days. Also consider copyright and legal issues very early on.

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